Between 2017 and 2021, I had the opportunity to teach economics to more than 1,300 undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee, either as a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Primary Instructor.

Primary Instructor

ECON 313: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Fall 2021 [syllabus]

  • Overall instructor rating = 4.7 / 5.0

  • "Mr. Beem is one of the best teachers in the HCB."

  • "Professor Beem established a connection between conceptual topics and real-world macroeconomic events."

  • "Professor Beem was easily the best economics professor I've ever had."

  • "He asked about how he could make the course better, we gave him our input, and he changed the course and added new material that would help us."

  • "He genuinely cares for the well-being of his students."

  • "More than a really nice guy, what separates him from the rest is his extraordinary ability to communicate and breakdown complicated topics, eliminating the intimidation of an intermediate-level course."

ECON 213: Principles of Macroeconomics, Summer 2020 [syllabus]

  • Overall instructor rating = 4.8 / 5.0

  • "Mr. Beem did an incredible job making sure that I had all of the resources and time needed to get my work done."

  • "His teaching style was very energetic and he used lots of outside resources to help the overall understanding of the material."

  • "Very effective teaching style. He always asked for feedback from students and adjusted his teaching according to our thoughts."

  • "Great teacher! He really wanted us to do well in the class and was very quick in responding to emails."

  • "Rich Beem was a great professor and truly understood everything he taught us."

  • "Professor Beem was very accessible and made it clear to me that he wanted me to succeed. He would set up times for video calls to make sure I understood course content and made adjustments with my schedule."

Graduate Teaching Assistant

ECON 213: Principles of Macroeconomics, Spring 2019

ECON 211: Principles of Microeconomics, Fall 2018

ECON 201: Principles of Economics, Spring 2018

ECON 305: Markets, Ethics, and Capitalism, Fall 2017